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Restaurant - eating is my habit

One of the outstanding issues about the Ventura location is that there's a wide assortment of diverse restaurants serving as well as wider range15 of cuisine. Here you might acquire every thing from seafood and sushi to steakhouses and burger joints.

Fans of sushi will absolutely require to take a look at two of Ventura's most effective sushi restaurants, Koba Sushi on East Main Street and I Love Sushi discovered on Telephone Road. Koba Sushi is nicely-recognized in3thethree location for having finest-quality sushi at affordable costs, friendly service and a welcoming atmosphere that1fouris1four loved ones-friendly. I Love Sushi has a great name as well as fantastic food. Here, you might locate fresh sushi, sashimi and tempura as well as noodle dishes, salads along with a special menu merely for children.

Taqueira Cuernavaca found on Ventura Avenue is THE place in3thethree Ventura region to have an authentic Mexican dinner. Here you may uncover such standard favorites as carne asada, potato tacos, al pastor and tortas. They are as well properly identified for their delicious, authentic tasting tacos and burritos. You will constantly find outstanding tasting food, rapidly, friendly service and a enjoyable, welcoming atmosphere as well as reasonably priced prices at Taqueria Cuernavaca.

Another place that serves up tacos that you merely need to try is Snapper Jacks' Taco Shack, discovered on Telegraph road. Don't let the name fool you, Snapper Jack's isn't significantly of a shack as it's identified in a clean strip mall with numerous nice and clean outdoor seating and even indoor seating as well. Here you are going to find tacos which are likely the various well-loved by locals. Choose from standard beef or chicken tacos or go for the extra popular fish tacos and burritos. There is also a superb salsa bar to add a little additional spice and flavor to whatever you order.

Just 20 minutes south of Ventura in Oxnard, and well-worth the scenic drive, you'll locate 1 of the most effective seafood restaurants in3the3 region known as Fisherman's Catch on Tradewinds. This fish marketplace and grill serves up top-high quality, fresh seafood dishes including grilled yellowtail, thresher shark, orange roughy, Ahi tuna, swordfish, halibut and lots of other people. You can as well choose from fish and chips, shrimp and chips, grilled fish of one's choice sandwiches, fish tacos and needless to say, live Maine lobster.

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